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You're never far from home with MedFlight Freedom

With your active lifestyle, it's critical to set up a solid back-up plan to help you handle almost any crisis, particularly when you travel away from home.

stethescopeMedFlight Freedom is a crucial safety net that not only helps you pay for emergencies your health and travel insurance generally will NOT cover, but also gives you the freedom to choose which hospital you would like to receive care from.

MedFlight Freedom is not an insurance policy.

How MedFlight Freedom Helps You and Your Family Handle Emergencies

Why face an emergency alone or waste time searching through the internet late at night? MedFlight Freedom automatically steps in to help you with more than 20 emergency and medical services to help you focus on your recovery and NOT on the costs (or even details like lining up second opinions or flying a loved one home). Take a look at everything MedFlight Freedom does for you and your family:

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