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Who better to call in a pinch than a pilot.

Okay, not every one of our aviation claims center advocates is a pilot.

claim centerBut each one is an aviation insurance specialist and your advocate should you have a claim. They're here to help answer your questions and resolve your claim, simply and quickly.

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If you need claims assistance you can submit your aviation claim online and email [email protected] or fax (316.942.0091) a copy to us and a claims adjuster will contact you as soon as possible. Or if you need immediate assistance please call 800.622.AOPA (2672).

Frequently Asked Questions

I had a claim. What is going to happen to my insurance rates?

That depends on many factors. We cannot adequately address all possible scenarios here, however it is possible that insurance companies will include a surcharge upon your renewal. Other carriers may or may not offer a quote for a year or two. If a pilot shows particularly bad judgment (e.g. fuel exhaustion) then the insurance company may be unwilling to renew or may offer coverage only at a much higher premium level. It is also possible for the renewal premium to increase even if the insurance company did not attach a claim surcharge simply due to fluctuations in the marketplace.

The Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Waiver Program is an easy way to improve pilot safety while helping lower your out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident.  Completing eligible AOPA Air Safety Institute programs every six months waives all deductibles and rewards you with zero increase in your renewal rates due to a covered claim during your policy period.   This is available through several of the insurance companies that AssuredPartners Aerospace represents.

What will I have to do during the claims process?

First, you’ll need to take reasonable steps to protect the aircraft from further damage. In addition, you will need to provide the insurance company with any documents they request (e.g. aircraft logbooks, pilot logbooks, estimates, photographs, sworn statements, etc.) as promptly as possible. You will be an integral part of the claims settlement process, so make sure you and your adjuster are communicating regularly. The most frequent cause of a delay in the claims settlement process is that the insurance company did not receive requested documents from the policyholder.