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AOPA InsuranceAssuredPartners Aerospace has helped pilots insure their aircraft.  We ensure that you've got the correct insurance for your specific aircraft, whether it's a Piper Cub or a Cessna Citation.

AssuredPartners Aerospace offers a choice of quality, comprehensive insurance policies from “A” rated companies with coverage options to fit all your aircraft insurance needs and budget.

Just some of the benefits of insuring with us include:

  • Unparalleled customer service and aviation expertise.
  • Ability to handle transition pilots and unique risks.
  • Access to all major carriers to find you options.
  • AOPA Membership discount programs to help keep your costs down.
  • Strong relationships with insurers that give you stronger coverages that fit your aviation insurance needs.
  • AssuredPartners Aerospace continues to support the future of general aviation and protect our freedom to fly through our strategic partnership with AOPA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to reduce my insurance rates?

As you might expect, pilots with more experience and few accidents get lower rates because they pose less of a risk. This experience includes logged flight experience, remains claims-free, aircraft make and model time, possession of an instrument rating, and use of the aircraft. This information is used to calculate your premium. With that in mind, the best thing you can do to improve your insurance rates is something you’ll likely be happy to do: fly more.

What is an “open pilot warranty?”

An open pilot warranty is a clause in many aircraft insurance policies, which allows pilots with certain minimum qualifications to fly the aircraft on an occasional basis without being specifically endorsed on the policy as a Named Pilot.

If I let someone borrow my aircraft, can I receive any reimbursement in return for their use of the aircraft?

Insurance policies vary on this, but there are some companies that will allow for reimbursement of some costs associated with the flight. The broadest form allows for reimbursement so long as no financial profit is made. Give us a call to review your coverage with you related to the scenario you are considering.

Also keep in mind that the borrower of the aircraft either needs to be named as an approved pilot on your policy or make sure they meet the requirements of your policy’s open pilot warranty.   It is also a good idea to request the borrower to provide you with evidence of Renter Aircraft Insurance.

When it comes to liability coverage, what are the differences between smooth combined single limit, per passenger sublimit and per person sublimit?

Imagine having to make an emergency landing in your airplane.  You spy a golf course below with a long fairway where you’re able to land the plane.  Unfortunately, during the landing a golfer is clipped by a wing, your passenger suffers a neck injury, the fairway is torn to shreds, and your aircraft is damaged.

Your liability coverage includes property damage (other than your owned aircraft), bodily injury outside the aircraft and bodily injury inside the aircraft.

With a smooth limit, you have the entire limit amount to address all three liability claims. This means if you insured at $1,000,000 smooth, you have the full $1,000,000 to cover the claims.  Policies with smooth limits are typically more expensive, but as we look at policies with a sublimit, you’ll understand why.

With a per passenger sublimit, coverage for the passenger is limited to the amount listed on the policy.  For instance, if you insured at $1,000,000 combined single limit with $100,000 per passenger, the golfer and the course would be covered under the $1,000,000 and coverage for the passenger would be limited to $100,000.

With a per person sublimit, your coverage amount would be limited not only for your passenger, but also for the golfer since each is a “person”.   For instance, if you insured at $1,000,000 combined single limit with $100,000 per person, the course would be covered under the $1,000,000, and the golfer and the passenger would be limited to a maximum of $100,000.  Because per person sublimits are the most restrictive – and there’s almost never a related premium savings –they should be avoided if at all possible.  AssuredPartners Aerospace does not offer a per person sublimit.  

Aircraft Value – how do I properly insure?

The proper insured value to carry is the amount of money it would take to purchase another aircraft exactly like yours (i.e., similar year, equipment, condition, etc.) in today’s market. It’s possible, however, to over-insure or under-insure to your detriment, so be sure to choose the value carefully.

If you over insure, in some cases the insurance company is forced to repair the aircraft rather than total it, even when there’s major damage—leaving you to deal with significant damage history and no compensation for the loss of value when your aircraft is repaired and returned to service.

If you under insure, in some cases the insurance company will total rather than repair the aircraft. You may not be compensated for the amount needed to replace your aircraft with one of a similar quality. And don’t forget to consider repair costs. If you have an aircraft without a ready supply of parts, or face other issues that drive up repair costs, be sure to factor that into your hull value decision, too.

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