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You taught us how to manage risk in the air.

As a CFI, you've taught us a thing or two about aviation. 

AOPA InsuranceWe can do the same when it comes to explaining your aircraft insurance options. Whether you're an instructor/owner, borrowing or renting aircraft, full-time or part-time, we can provide comprehensive coverage for both professional and personal use. In fact, it's our pleasure.

Benefits Summary for CFI Renter Insurance 

As a CFI, you're covered for loss or occurrences arising from your professional liability during completed flight instruction services, flight reviews, or a check ride conducted by you in a rented aircraft.

  • $3,000 Medical Payments coverage for each passenger including the insured.
  • $1,000 Personal Effects coverage.
  • $10,000 Search and Rescue expense coverage.
  • $10,000 Runway Foaming and Emergency expense coverage.
  • Legal defense costs are in addition to the limit of liability purchased.

For CFI Owners Insurance Call us for a custom quote.

Aviation insurance for instructors can be confusing. We can answer all your questions, walk you through the coverage options, and explain how the policy protects you.

If you own your own aircraft and provide, or wish to provide, instruction, give us a call for a custom quote on your aircraft policy to cover your activities as a CFI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What additional coverage is provided with the CFI Renter Policy?

Coverage is extended to a loss or occurrence arising from your professional malpractice as respects ground instruction, flight instruction, flight reviews or check rides conducted by you in the non-owned aircraft.

What happens when you are sued?

In the event of an accident, you can protect yourself from skyrocketing legal fees through the legal defense benefit under the renters policy. That means if you have a claim against you, the policy will provide you with legal defense as added protection. This is an important benefit since attorney fees are often $400 or more per hour. Legal fees can add up quickly, and the average legal defense cost is over $25,000!

Protect all that's important to you.

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