Life is Short, Buy the Airplane!Life is Short, Buy the Airplane!

One tip for all buyers

I remember when I decided to purchase my first airplane. Quite frankly, I was scared to death with all the possibilities and what seemed like a never-ending list of “to do’s.” And thank goodness for all the resources AOPA provides, covering topics like pre-buy inspections, nuances of certain makes and models, as well as, expected performance specs…a plethora of information. But when it comes to insurance, when asked what’s one important tip, well that’s easy…

Ask for an insurance quote before you sign a contract!

Why, you might ask? When I was shopping, I found a fantastic deal on a retractable gear airplane. Luckily, I called the insurance agency and had a conversation that gave me the information I needed to make a decision. At that time, I had just finished my private ticket and flown less than 45 hours, and of course 0 hours in a retract. Due to my inexperience, the insurance on a retract was nearly triple that of the nice 172 I later purchased.

Additionally, some aircraft are very hard to insure unless they are flown by very experienced pilots. Making a quick 10-minute call could really be eye opening and give you some crucial information needed for your next purchase.

Knowing the expected annual insurance costs not only helps with budgeting (I know the dreaded “B” word), but also allowed me to choose the aircraft suited for my needs…and best of all, spend the insurance savings on something much more fun – as you may have guessed, fuel for flying!

Whether you own or rent, AOPA has the right insurance coverage to fit your budget and needs. AOPA Insurance Agency offers knowledgeable agents who can talk your language and understand your unique flying and insurance requirements. Visit for more information.

Jim Pinegar

Jim Pinegar

Vice President & Director of Operations of AOPA Insurance Services

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