Get inspired to travel with these flying tipsGet inspired to travel with these flying tips

Get more out of your private pilot certificate

Being a pilot can bring excitement and adventure into your life. Here are some ideas on how to maximize the enjoyment from your private pilot certificate.

Join a flying club: As a pilot, you are part of an elite group of people. Membership in a flying club can connect you with fellow pilots for camaraderie and fun. By sharing costs among members, a club also may allow you to fly more often. Find a flying club near you.

Take on new challenges: Never stop learning about aviation. Training in a new type of flying like aerobatic maneuvers can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity that can take your experience to a whole new level. Or expand your horizon to seaplanes, where you can go on adventures to lakes and rivers around the world.

Visit exciting destinations: There are thousands of airports around the world. Stretch your wings beyond the United States: Visit Mexico, Canada, or the Bahamas. A world of destinations awaits your arrival. Get tips for flying internationally.

Attend aviation events: There is nothing like a memorable experience of attending an event with hundreds or thousands of other pilots and aviation enthusiasts who share a love for flying and airplanes. You can attend a variety of aviation events, such as fly-ins, airshows, rallies, and safety seminars. See upcoming events online.

Bond with other pilots: Being a pilot is special. Earning a private pilot certificate is a testimony to all of the hard work, studying, and practice you’ve put in. A common interest and passion for aviation brings aviators together in ways that may never have happened in everyday life.

Take your family on a flying vacation: Sharing your love of flying with your family can make a vacation experience quite rewarding and fun. You can whisk your family away on enjoyable and adventurous trips in comfort and style.

While you’re exploring the skies and taking on new adventures, consider carrying with you the AOPA Emergency Assistance Plus Program in the event that you experience a medical emergency while traveling. To learn more about how Emergency Assistance Plus can come to your aid should the unthinkable happen on your trip, visit

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