Winter is coming...Winter is coming

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Winter is coming…and for many, especially those in the northern United States, it means classic cars are covered, motorcycles are tarped, and some airplanes are tucked away in their hangars for a brief hibernation. 

At the AOPA Insurance Agency, we occasionally are asked about coverage options when an aircraft is expected to be in a hangar (or maintenance shop) for months at a time. And good news, many carriers offer a different level of coverage for these instances in what is known as “Ground Not In Motion (GNIM)” coverage. 

With this option, your aircraft liability coverage remains intact, but there is a big difference in the hull (physical damage) coverage. With this option, your aircraft is covered for physical damage when it’s on the ground and not operating under its own power. This means coverage is not in place while flying, taxiing, or even while doing a run-up. 

For aircraft in certain locations, such as Alaska, the premium savings may make sense, especially if the aircraft isn’t going to fly for 6 months. But think about this, even in the winter, it’s not uncommon to get that nice, relatively warm weekend, the type of weekend that’s perfect for flying. If you’ve elected GNIM coverage, you might just miss those perfect opportunities to fly. And every year, someone forgets they’ve reduced their coverage to GNIM and they have a claim while taxiing or landing, etc. – that’s a hard phone call because the claim is likely not covered since the aircraft was operating under its own power. 

This type of coverage is truly for those storing their aircraft on a long-term basis. Really consider if the potential cost savings is worth missing a flight or even worse, forgetting to restore your insurance to full flight coverage.
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Jim Pinegar

Jim Pinegar

Vice President & Director of Operations of AOPA Insurance Services

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