Insurance for Commercial Drone OperatorsInsurance for Commercial Drone Operators

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Question: I am pursuing Part 107 and will be flying my drone commercially. Do you offer insurance for those devices? Thanks, Richard

Jim: Richard – thank you for writing in and welcome to the new and exciting world of commercial drone operations. I’ve heard on numerous occasions that the drone industry, still relatively in its infancy, can be compared to internet access in mid 1990’s – so only our imagination can limit the potential uses for drones over the next decade, and beyond. 

With all these new changes and demand for risk management, vast arrays of insurance products are available to insure against practically every type of legal operation. At AOPA, we have several insurance companies with many options – including liability only, additional coverage for payloads (cameras, equipment, etc.), and options to cover the drone itself. Liability is required; however the other two options can be added individually or together, and can insure up to any reasonable amount of coverage. 

And there’s more good news, due to the demand of these products, additional coverages can be included – for free! Examples include items such as non-owned coverage (if you have to rent or borrow a drone in the event yours is down for a covered claim) and medical payments (no-fault coverage to quickly pay for small injuries – and this applies before your liability limits).

One brief warning, do not rely on your homeowners to cover your drone operation – especially if used for commercial purposes. Any commercial operation will be excluded, and many homeowners’ policies are starting to exclude coverage for recreational use.

Policies offered through AOPA do apply for commercial and commercial/recreational options!

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Jim Pinegar

Jim Pinegar

Vice President & Director of Operations of AOPA Insurance Services

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