Two Insurance Claims Later, AOPA Member Praises AOPATwo Insurance Claims Later AOPA Member Praises AOPA

Long-time member enjoys his relationship with AOPA Insurance

John JohnsonIn the summer of 1964, John Johnson sold his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to pay for flying lessons in a Cessna 120. He paid $6 an hour wet and $8 an hour with an instructor. “I’ve been fascinated with airplanes since I was a toddler. We lived in Wichita and dad used to take me out to the airport on Sunday afternoons to watch the airplanes,” Johnson says. “My wife and both our sons are pilots as well, the younger son flying for Delta. It must be hereditary.”

Today Johnson is a commercial pilot with instrument, multiengine, and flight instructor ratings and is also qualified to fly a Soko Galeb G2A, which is a Yugoslav single-engine, two-seater jet trainer. He has about 4,500 hours’ total time. 

Throughout his flying career, Johnson has owned a number of aircraft including a Debonair, Bonanza, Baron, Cessna 172, Cessna 310, Cessna 337, and Cessna 414, but he currently owns and flies a Piper Comanche 250 and a Piper Lance. A typical trip takes him to Minneapolis’ Flying Cloud Airport or Houston’s Sugarland, with occasional trips to Destin, Florida; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; St. Louis, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Kansas City, and Joplin, Missouri.

Johnson became an AOPA Insurance customer when he bought his first airplane, a Debonair.  He was drawn to AOPA’s competitive rates. He never had to make a claim, however, until three years ago when the nose gear of his Lance collapsed during taxiing. “I found AOPA and AIG to be prompt, responsive, and uncomplaining,” he says. “I had to call on them again three months ago when all the avionics and most of the instruments were stolen from the Lance while it overnighted in Texas, and again, their help has been great.” 

Johnson says, “I don't think I could possibly have expected better service on a disheartening problem. Thanks, AOPA and AIG.”

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