Your airplane isn't the only valuable item in your hangarYour airplane isnt the only valuable item in your hangar

When you think about protecting your biggest aviation asset, no aircraft owner would think twice about insuring his or her aircraft. But what about your hangar and the items in your hangar? Are they covered for loss? You’d have to read the fine print in your insurance policy, but chances are likely that the items in your hangar are not covered by either your aircraft policy or your homeowner’s policy.

AOPA’s Hangar Insurance fills the gap. Now you can insure not only your hangar, but its contents as well. Take a moment to mentally list all the items you have in your hangar and their approximate value. Many pilots keep furniture; appliances—certainly a refrigerator/freezer; electronics such as TVs, radios, and scanners; and often snow blowers and small tractors to tow their airplane. Some pilots even use a non-street legal golf cart to get around the airport and to tow the airplane.

Keeping spare parts, a supply of oil, cleaning supplies, and tools in your hangar is standard. Often the hangar is configured like an apartment with all the stuff that would go in such a place, including bathrooms and couches or a loft. Privately owned hangars, of which there are many on smaller airports, are typically like a second home with enough room for an airplane or two.

So, just about anything you might have in your house might be found in your hangar. That’s why it’s crucial to protect not just your airplane, but your hangar and its contents as well. AOPA Insurance offers coverage for you and has knowledgeable agents who can talk your language and understand your unique flying and insurance requirements. Visit for information about how AOPA can get you coverage for your hangar—and your aircraft.

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Jim Pinegar

Jim Pinegar

Vice President & Director of Operations of AOPA Insurance Services

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