Southwest pilot insures Stearman with AOPASouthwest pilot insures Stearman with AOPA

Thrilled to own 'a piece of our great country's history'Thrilled to own 'a piece of our great country's history'

Edward Gaven Givens III was born into an aviation family. His father was an Apollo astronaut who died when Givens was just two years old. However, Givens went on to learn to fly in the Air Force, flying both the T-38 as an instructor pilot and the F-15. These days, he flies for Southwest Airlines, based in Denver. He has been a check airman for 23 years, and he’s logged 18,000 hours of total time.

In addition to his aircraft activities, Givens is writing a book about Southwest Airlines pilots and the unique paths and qualities that led them to fly for the airlines.

Edward Givens IIIHe owns a 1942 Boeing PT-17 Stearman, which had been owned for the past 37 years and meticulously restored by William E. Parent of Seattle, Washington. “He is more than a craftsman—he is an artist and I benefitted from his superb work,” Givens said. “This is my opportunity to own a piece of our country’s great history.”

When it was time to insure his Stearman, Givens chose AOPA: “I chose AOPA because of its reputation—and AOPA representative Al Nur. He had the absolute best customer service and ownership of my process to help me fulfill a lifelong dream.” 

Givens said his experience with AOPA Insurance was “remarkable.” He could call with “some stupid-pilot question and Al always made me feel like it was the most important thing on his plate.”

Givens added that “the prices were excellent, the service great, and the continued support noteworthy—I would recommend AOPA to anyone in a heartbeat.”

“Turning 50 recently, and being around aviation for many years in all types of settings, both military and civilian, has really helped me shape my views and values on things,” he said. “The older I get, the more I realize what a blessing this all has been and how fortunate I am to partner with organizations like AOPA.”

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