Renter’s insurance brings new pilot peace of mindRenter’s insurance brings new pilot peace of mind

New pilot turns to AOPA for coverageNew pilot turns to AOPA for coverage

Greg Smith flies for fun, and that’s the way he likes it: "My flying is normally relegated to the fun weekend flight to a new airport. There are more than 90 airports in Oklahoma, my home state."

Greg SmithSmith learned to fly in Stillwater, “home of the Oklahoma State University Flying Aggies,” he added. He has 120 hours in his logbook, having flown three airplanes almost exclusively—his home FBO’s Cessna 150 and two Cessna 172s. His private pilot checkride was “flawless, which was a bit of a surprise,” he said. 

In addition to exploring Oklahoma’s airports, Smith said, “My goal is to fly to vacations in neighboring states like Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado—to learn some mountain flying—and in Texas, and New Mexico. Someday, when I decide it is worth the effort, [I plan] to buy an airplane of my own. But until then, I am quite content now to rent airplanes for my flying.”

Since he began flight training, Smith said, “AOPA has been there,” and so when it came time to buy renter’s insurance, he turned to AOPA. “My regular insurance carrier wanted significantly more to provide any aviation insurance to me. So AOPA was also more affordable for me,” he said.

“I regret not getting renter’s insurance sooner than I did, but I had an incident-free student pilot experience. After I became a pilot, I realized my renting experience would be a lot more worry free with coverage against the unthinkable. And my risk-adverse flying has resulted in my being a more confident pilot. I take the safety part of my training very seriously.” 

The impetus for purchasing renter's insurance was an incident at his home airport during which a Piper airplane had a flat on landing.  He decided that he needed more insurance than his flight school carried. So, he contacted AOPA to ask about how to sign-up for renter’s insurance. He filled out the online form, paid with his credit card, and, a few hours later, he was emailed an executed insurance agreement. “I was amazed,” he said. “I highly recommend AOPA renter’s insurance to any student or licensed pilot. Especially if you are like me and decide renting airplanes is more economical than owning one.” 

Whether you own or rent, AOPA has the right insurance coverage for you. AOPA Insurance offers knowledgeable agents who can talk your language and understand your unique flying and insurance requirements. For more information or to request a free quote, please or visit or call AOPA Insurance Services at 800/622-AOPA (2672).  

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