Student pilot protects herself with AOPA's renters insuranceStudent pilot protects herself with AOPA's renters insurance

Purchasing the insurance was 'painless'Purchasing the insurance was 'painless'

When Amy Munizzi was a pre-teen, she watched her dad, who had served in the Air Force, parachute on Saturdays. “I fell in love with aviation then, but life and circumstances got in the way,” she said. Later in life, Munizzi watched her father “fade away” from Parkinson’s disease. “I realized it was time to live this dream or let it die.”

Amy Munizzi

Forty years after that love of aviation was sparked, Munizzi is living her dream. She’s learning to fly a Cessna 172 at DeLand Aviation in Florida. “I have 45 hours and just soloed in June 2015,” Munizzi said. “A typical trip is about 10 miles out to loop around my house, then back to DeLand Airport for pattern work and to practice landings.”

Munizzi had originally joined AOPA as a student member. “I had no idea how much I would appreciate Flight Training magazine or the ePilot Training Tips. They are fantastic—always touching on exactly what I’m working through, or about to work through.” She learned about renters insurance from an AOPA email. “I had had nothing but positive experiences with AOPA, so I clicked on the link to check it out,” she said.

“I found buying AOPA insurance a completely painless task, and that’s saying a lot for the purchase of insurance, since it’s often confusing,” she said. “The process, options, and why I might want or need one thing or the other was easy to understand. Paying for it online was a breeze and I was finished with the whole thing in about 10 minutes. As soon as I got to the airport I recommended it to several other students. Turned out, they began requiring renters insurance from all of us that week, so it was a timely purchase.”

No matter what you fly or for what reason, AOPA Insurance has the right policy for you. Whether you own or rent, we have you covered. Don’t forget: You may qualify for a 5-percent discount just for being an AOPA member. Revenue from AOPA Insurance programs goes right back to AOPA to help grow and protect general aviation.

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