10 helpful packing hacks10 helpful packing hacks

Planning for an upcoming trip via general aviation or other means? Here are 10 simple tricks that can help you pack smarter.

1. Pack "mix and match" items so you don't need as many clothes.
2. Put rolled up socks and other unbreakable items inside your shoes.
3. Use old eyeglass cases to transport your cellphone charger and other cables.
4. Carry your digital camera in a plastic soap travel case.
5. Take the caps off liquid toiletries, put plastic wrap over the opening, then replace the cap to prevent leaks.
6. Use a shower cap to cover the dirty soles of your shoes.
7. Use old contact lens cases to store liquid makeup.
8. Carry Q-tips in an empty prescription pill container.
9. Leftover mint tins can hold pills, bobby pins, earrings, and other small items.
10. Maximize your luggage space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

Bonus tip: Pack your Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) card! EA+ will be there to back you up if you’re hospitalized due to a sudden injury or illness. Visit AOPA Insurance Services online to learn more or call 877/432-2672. 

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