Trip insurance vs. EA+Trip insurance vs. EA+

Trip insurance is usually time-limited coverage for expenses, trip cancellations, or other losses incurred while traveling domestically or internationally. Most trip insurance covers you in two main categories: costs associated with medical expenses and trip cancellations.

Trip insurance can usually be arranged at the time of a trip to cover just the duration of that trip. Polices may be priced according to destination, age of the travelers, duration of the trip and desired coverage.

Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) is much more than trip insurance. EA+ provides over 20 different types of valuable and affordable travel benefits, including medical evacuation, emergency travel services, emergency medical transportation, and return-home services. EA+ charges a low annual membership fee—in most circumstances much less expensive than temporary trip insurance—that helps you pay for emergencies your health and travel insurance generally will not cover. This includes these services:

• Medical evacuation
• Medical assistance
• Travel assistance
• Assistance for companions

EA+ can also help you with pre-trip planning and translation services. You can find out consular services, inoculations, visas, and travel advisories. There’s a lot to EA+ that goes way beyond health and travel insurance.

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