AOPA member fulfills long-held goal to flyAOPA member fulfills long-held goal to fly

Michael Payne

The dream of learning to fly started in high school, but it wasn’t fulfilled until nearly 40 years later when Michael Payne became a pilot at age 54. With instrument and commercial ratings, Payne is now working on his flight instructor certificate. He gives back by flying Young Eagles flights—36 already this year. “It’s a great time to introduce aviation to future up-and-coming aviators,” he said. And he enjoys the occasional $100 hamburger run, particularly to Lambert’s in Sikeston, Missouri. 

Payne said that the Piper Archer II he flies is “a nice personal airplane. Fuel burn and maintenance costs are low. I took flying lessons in a Cherokee Cruiser 140, so it was a nice transition.”   

When he went to shop for insurance, Payne said, “AOPA Insurance had the best rates, and the service was good. Getting covered was easy. I have been an AOPA member since 2010 and I had started out with an aircraft renter’s policy while doing flight training in the 140.”  

Payne said he would recommend AOPA Insurance to pilots looking for coverage. “The folks at AOPA Insurance have always searched out the best policy and rates, given us alternatives when available and communicated well,” he added.  

AOPA is his choice because of service and price. “Their staff has always responded quickly to questions and concerns,” he said. “There are opportunities for Accident Forgiveness through the Air Safety [Institute] and the programs offered through ASI provide new safety information and refreshers for pilots of all ages and varying skill/experience levels. The real life histories of other pilots is a great knowledge builder.” 

No matter what you fly or for what reason, AOPA Insurance has the right policy for you. Whether you own or rent, we have you covered. For more information or to request a free quote on aircraft insurance, please call AOPA Insurance Services at 800/622-2672 or browse our website. Don’t forget: You may qualify for a 5-percent discount just for being an AOPA member; revenue from AOPA Insurance Services programs goes right back to AOPA to help grow and protect general aviation.

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