Protecting your passionProtecting your passion

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t want to think about insurance. It’s one of those very rare things we buy in the sincere hope we won’t ever have to use it. Of course when something goes wrong, like the terrible storms we saw devastate one Iowa airport in late June, we’re glad we took the time and made the investment.

Even though we may not like to think too much about it, we can’t ignore the importance of insurance—that’s why we cover our cars, our homes, and our lives. Hopefully, you’re also insuring your passion for aviation and you already carry renter’s or owner’s insurance. But there are lots of other situations that may also require coverage, and that’s something that AOPA Insurance Services is uniquely qualified to understand. That’s why we’re offering a number of new products designed to protect everything from your hangar to your medical certificate and your flying club. It’s also why we’re offering convenient ways to renew or service your policy.

Our exclusive hangar insurance program is available to those who own or lease a hangar and offers coverage for hangar damage, personal injury, fire or wind damage, and theft. There are even optional coverages for business property and loss of revenue. With low rates and modest deductibles, you can afford to protect yourself and most of the contents of your hangar. Our insurance is available even to those in high risk areas, like the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

For pilots who fly for a living, we’ve got a new kind of policy to cover your loss of income if your medical certificate is lost or suspended. Even if your employer provides some disability protection, you can take advantage of this policy to get combined coverage of up to 100 percent of your income. And because the policy covers you, not your position, you can take it with you when moving to a new job. Your coverage will take effect if you’re unable to fly, even if you can continue performing nonflying duties. And unlike most employer-provided disability coverage, benefits from this policy are typically tax free, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

For flying clubs, we’re offering expanded and highly flexible coverage that works for all types of groups, including purely member-owned clubs and hybrid organizations. Whether your club has three members or an unlimited number, whether you fly a Cessna 172 or a new light sport design, there are options that allow you to customize a policy that will work for your group. Our policies offer low deductibles, even zero deductibles for members who complete the accident forgiveness program. We even offer coverage for social gatherings and special events. 

To make it easier to manage your insurance coverage, we’ve also made it possible to renew your renter’s policies and update your owner’s policies online. You can also go online to take care of simple policy service needs, like making changes to your address, lienholder, or additional insureds. If your policy is eligible for online renewal, you’ll get an email notification about 90 days before your renewal date. It’s one click from there to a customized renewal form that’s prepopulated with all your current information. Just review, verify, and provide any updates, and then submit the form online.

While you may not think of AOPA as the place to go for your home and auto insurance, we can help with that, too. Through a partnership with Liberty Mutual, AOPA members can get discounted policies. And when you do, you’re helping support AOPA’s efforts to keep airports open and pilots flying. 

Also, we continue to offer life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance options that cover you when you are flying. Often policies offered through employers or to the general public have aviation exclusions, but our policies were built exclusively to protect general aviation pilots.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding how to protect yourself and your family. That’s why we’re so focused on offering innovative coverage options that match the way you live and fly. You can learn more about our AOPA Insurance Services team and the many ways they can customize coverage to match your circumstances at

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