Tips for motorcycle safety, maintenanceTips for motorcycle safety, maintenance

At the beginning of riding season, doing some routine motorcycle maintenance can help you ride happier, longer, and safer. Here are some tips to get your bike ready for the summer.

  • Inspect the tires. Look for any punctures, slow flats, or other problems. Inflate tires to the proper PSI, because they may have lost air over the winter.
  • Make sure your bike is charged. Batteries can often run out of power if they're left unused during the cold season. If you need to replace the battery, check your owner's manual to ensure you select the right type for your bike model.
  • Fill up with fresh gas. Old gas can cause big problems. Stored gas can break down and corrode or clog systems, and can make it a lot harder (or impossible) to start an engine. Drain the tank or use fuel stabilizer over the winter, and, if you can't start your bike in the spring, try adding some new gas.
  • Check fluids. Check all of your bike’s fluids—not just the gas. Brake fluid is a priority because, again, long-term storage can affect fluid levels. Changing the engine oil and filter at the beginning of the season is also a good idea.
  • Inspect your mirrors, lights, and windshield. Be sure to check all of the parts that help you see what's around you when you're driving. Inspect mirrors and windshield areas for cracks or other damage, and ensure your lights are in working order.

These essential safety checks can protect you, and others, when you venture out to enjoy the new cycling season.

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