AOPA offers options on term lifeAOPA offers options on term life

Life Insurance can sometimes seem like an afterthought, until often it’s too late. With so many policies that only pay out after your death, AOPA offers an Accelerated Life Benefit with any Term Life policy.

This is where the “Living Benefits” of your plan kick in. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than six months to live, you can request up to 50 percent of your benefits through your plan’s Accelerated Life Benefit.

Once you have received your benefits, you can spend the money however you please. It could go toward medical expenses, home expenses, or anything of your choosing. Your remaining benefits will then be paid to your beneficiary(ies) after your death. This is just another way we want to help you and your family be prepared no matter what happens, so you don’t have to worry about their security and can enjoy your final days with them. Find out more about AOPA Insurance Services' life insurance options.

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