Retired retail exec turns to AOPA for Turbo Arrow IV coverageRetired retail exec turns to AOPA for Turbo Arrow IV coverage

Allen Yarborough learned to fly in 1968 in Tomahawks and expected to enjoy flying as a hobby. But soon he moved up—to a Turbo Arrow IV and a Bonanza. Then he purchased a twin. Yarborough said, “I purchased a Navajo in 1988, and for a number of years I used my twin for business flying to my multiple stores in two states.”

Yarborough sold his businesses in 2008. “I tried to retire, but I couldn’t get used to being in retirement,” he said. He bought a Turbo Arrow IV so he and his wife could visit their grandchildren in another state. He explained, “I chose the Arrow because of its speed and altitude capabilities as I was used to the twin but I wouldn’t need the extra seating and the operating costs were dramatically lower per hour.”

When he was shopping for insurance, he called AOPA because he had been a member since the late 90s. He said, “They were extremely helpful and were able to get me multiple price quotes.” As for price, Yarborough said, “I was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive full coverage was.” Would he recommend AOPA Insurance to other pilots? Yarborough said, “I highly recommend that any pilot or aircraft owner who needs insurance give AOPA a call.”

Whether you fly a single or a twin, AOPA Insurance has the right policy for you. For more information or a quick quote on aircraft insurance, talk to AOPA Insurance. Don’t forget: You may qualify for a 5 percent discount just for being an AOPA member.

Visit us online or call 877/622-2672 for information on how AOPA can get you the best deal on aviation and life insurance.

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