Bursting at the seamsBursting at the seams

A winter checklist to protect your home from water damageA winter checklist to protect your home from water damage

On two different occasions, the Kreisman family of Columbia, Missouri, experienced the expense and headaches of a burst water pipe in winter. Both times, a spigot from the outside ruptured in the basement, flooding furniture and ruining carpet.

“If we hadn’t been home, it would have been a total disaster,” Laura Kreisman said.

Here are some tips to prevent water damage in your home, courtesy of AOPA Insurance Services partner Liberty Mutual.

Disconnect all outdoor hoses and turn off all water to exterior sources, including spigots and sprinkler systems. Be sure to completely remove any water from hoses and sprinklers. This should be done before winter, but do it now if you haven’t already.

Install a freeze-proof exterior spigot. It extends up to 24 inches into the wall and provides a barrier to the cold. These special spigots should be left open to allow remaining water to flow out.

Insulate unheated areas that contain plumbing lines, such as an attic or crawl space.

Set your thermostat at a minimum of 55 degrees, even during extended absences.

Know where the water shutoffs are located and use them if a pipe bursts.

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