AOPA offers options for term lifeAOPA offers options for term life

You can select the term life insurance that best fits your needsYou can select the term life insurance that best fits your needs

AOPA has such a diverse membership that there is not one insurance program that is best for all members. That’s why AOPA offers three distinct options when it comes to securing term life insurance to provide for your family’s needs if something happens to you.

The first option, AOPA's Group Term Life Insurance Plan, will make sure you can adequately provide for your loved ones. What makes this program special, however, is that the buying power of hundreds of thousands of AOPA members provides you a rate much more affordable than if you were buying term life as an individual. And, like all of AOPA's term life products, there are no aviation exclusions, making this the right insurance for your active aviation lifestyle.

Prefer to lock in a rate? On a budget? You still need to protect your family, and AOPA’s Level Term Life Insurance makes coverage affordable. You will be able to lock in a rate and benefits for 10 or 20 years. The initial premium will not change for the first 10 or 20 years unless the insurance company exercises its right to change premium rates for all insureds covered under the group policy with 60 days advance written notice. This is budget-friendly life insurance which also has no aviation exclusions.

AOPA also offers 50+ Term Life for members over the age of 50 and under the age of 75. There is no medical exam required. Why a special package for seniors? It’s easy to let the years fly by without upping your life insurance benefits. If you haven’t monitored your coverage lately, check it out to make sure the dollar amount has kept pace with inflation and your family’s current needs. Of course, there are no aviation exclusions with this coverage either.

More information about all three of these term life insurance options provided by ReliaStar Life Insurance Co., a member of the VoyaTM family of companies, is available online. To save time, you can also apply online. Make sure your family has the support and protection it needs.

By choosing AOPA-sponsored products, you ensure valuable revenue that AOPA reinvests to support its many advocacy efforts, and to fund its expanding campaign to popularize flying and to grow the number of general aviation pilots. AOPA receives a fee from the insurance broker and/or the insurer for its endorsement of this plan. Please note AOPA membership dues are not used to provide this offering.

How do you know how much coverage is enough? If you’re not sure, call one of AOPA's life insurance representatives at 877/432-2672 and let the representative help you navigate through.

For over 60 years AOPA provided pilots with life insurance coverage created to cover their aviation lifestyle. Visit us online or call 800/622-2672 for information on other AOPA Insurance products.

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