In love with a taildraggerIn love with a taildragger

AOPA member chooses AOPA insurance for 'Miss Pearl'AOPA member chooses AOPA insurance for 'Miss Pearl'

Frank Sperandeo is in love with Miss Pearl. This isn’t a traditional love affair as Miss Pearl is Frank’s Piper Pacer, which he calls “America’s most elegant and beautiful single-engine aircraft.” You can see Miss Pearl at her own website. Miss Pearl’s formal designation is PA-22/20, which means that the airplane was converted, by Frank, to a taildragger from a tricycle landing gear for the purpose of getting rid of drag and increasing speed—he believes Miss Pearl’s speed has increased 28 percent.

Why a Pacer? “I wanted an aircraft that I could fly around the patch, go cross country, land on turf or concrete runways, and have great fun meeting people coast to coast," Sperandeo said. "The maintenance is minimal, and insurance coverage is minimal.”

With a host of pilot certificates and ratings, Sperandeo is also an A&P with inspection authorization, designated airworthiness representative, and designated engineering representative. He has logged 2,000 hours in taildraggers alone. When it came to insurance for Miss Pearl, Sperandeo chose AOPA. He has been a member since 1986 and explained, “I chose AOPA insurance because most aircraft companies are currently refusing healthy pilots, with current, valid FAA medical/flight certificates, and canceling coverage because of age. AOPA policies do not have this caveat.”

As for his experience, Sperandeo said, “The AOPA insurance department, especially Michelle, was friendly and most importantly very knowledgeable about the options that were available to me as per coverage. Secondly, the issuance of the policy was timely.” He reiterated his strong feelings about age and added, “I would most definitely recommend my fellow pilots that AOPA insurance issues nondiscriminatory contracts based on age.”

Miss Pearl, which has won a total of 19 EAA Grand Championships, is in good hands with Sperandeo at the controls and AOPA protecting it. For more information or a quick quote on aircraft insurance, talk to AOPA Insurance. Don’t forget: You earn a 5-percent discount just for being an AOPA member.

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