From staring skyward to loving aircraft ownershipFrom staring skyward to loving aircraft ownership

AOPA member buys a Cardinal for business commuting, family travelAOPA member buys a Cardinal for business commuting, family travel

It was on a vacation in Florida, sitting on a beach, where David Dart, originally from London, found himself intrigued by the general aviation aircraft flying into a local airport. He decided he wanted to learn to fly. Back home, he earned his private certificate at Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) airport in New Jersey.

That was in August 1996. “From that point, I joined a local flying club and did a little flying now and then, usually flying friends and relatives from England around Manhattan. After the events of Sept. 11, I lost interest in flying,” Dart explained. 

Fast forward to 2012. Dart had moved his family home to Sarasota, and commuted back to New York on the airlines until he accepted a new position with a company in Columbus, Georgia. The commercial commute was shorter than that to New York, but after doing it for a few months, Dart said, “I decided to see if I could get involved with flying again. I planned to train for my IFR and then possibly purchase an airplane to make the commute more manageable.”

He earned his instrument rating in May 2014, and had convinced his wife they should buy an airplane. Dart chose a 1975 Cessna Cardinal because he was comfortable with the Cessna line and loved the look of the airplane. The previous owner had the airplane for 30 years. Dart said, “We did the negotiating via email and settled on a price unseen, but the logs were reviewed. After going through all the logistics of buying, I took delivery in April 2014.”

So far, they have put 50 hours on the airplane, mostly in family travel—including a trip to Miami to watch the English soccer team play. He said, “We are loving airplane ownership.”

Dart called four companies to shop for aircraft insurance. He says he chose AOPA because “everybody else I talked to gave me the impression that they were doing me a favor by offering me coverage. The staff at AOPA treated me like a real customer.” He says the rates were competitive and he was pleased to be able to support AOPA. Dart concluded, “I would recommend AOPA Insurance, without any hesitation.”

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