Make sure you have enough for them.

If you're like many, you probably don't have enough life insurance. Recent studies have shown that Life Insurance ownership is at a 50 year low, with half of U.S. households admitting that they don’t have enough Life Insurance to adequately support their loved ones.*

If something in your life has recently changed—such as pay increases or promotions, marriages, purchasing a larger home or having children—you probably need to add to your coverage. As an AOPA member, you qualify for term life coverage specifically designed for your active lifestyle—at an affordable group rate and with no aviation exclusions. Currently, you and your spouse** under age 65 can apply for $5,000 up to $1 million in affordable life insurance through the AOPA Group Term Life Insurance Plan.

*The Facts of Life and Annuities, LIMRA, 2011
**Spouses are limited to the amount of insurance for which the member is insured.  In Oregon, reference to spouse includes domestic partner.

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Up to $1 Million in Benefits – You and your spouse** under age 65 qualify for $5,000 up to $1 million in life benefits. Your dependent children age 6 months to age 19 (or age 25 if a full-time student) qualify for $5,000 or $10,000 in life benefits. Dependent children age 14 days to less than 6 months qualify for $1,000 or $5,000.

Pays “living benefits” – If you are diagnosed as terminally ill with less than 6 months to live, you can request up to 50% of your benefits (or $500,000, whichever is less) through the plan’s Accelerated Life Benefit. You can use this money any way you wish—to help pay for medical expenses, homemaker services or other expenses. The remainder of your benefit amount will be paid to your beneficiary(ies) after your death. (Please note: The receipt of Accelerated Life Benefits may be taxable. You should seek assistance from a personal tax advisor in order to assess possible tax implications.)

No aviation exclusions – This plan does not have any aviation exclusions, unlike some life insurance plans that exclude aviation-related activities. 

Portable coverage – You can take this coverage with you if you leave your current job or move. It is not tied to your career or to any one employer.

Affordable group rates – As an AOPA member, you pay an affordable group rate for this coverage. Please see the Rates tab above for pricing.

Conversion privileges – When your coverage terminates or reduces, your life insurance can be converted to an individual policy within 31 days—without regard to your health at that time. This privilege also applies to spouse** and child coverage.

Travel Assistance Services – You will be covered under the Voya Travel Assistance program at no cost to you. When traveling more than 100 miles from home, Voya Travel Assistance offers you and your dependents four types of services: Pre-Trip Information, Emergency Personal Services, Medical Assistance Services, and Emergency Transportation Services. Voya Travel Assistance Services provided by Europ Assistance USA, Bethesda, MD 20814.  Services are not available in all states.

Funeral Planning and Concierge Services – Offers members a unique opportunity to discuss and obtain funeral planning information for themselves and eligible family members from independent experts regarding the planning of a funeral. Funeral Planning and Concierge Services provided by Everest Funeral Package, LLC, Houston, TX 77056.  Services are not available in all states.


**Spouses are limited to the amount of insurance for which the member is insured. In Oregon, reference to spouse includes domestic partner.



Members Age Tobacco No Tobacco
Under 30 0.210 0.083
30-34 0.210 0.083
35-39 0.360 0.143
40-44 0.510 0.210
45-49 0.660 0.263
50-54 0.934 0.364
55-59 1.365 0.569
60-64 1.983 0.892
65-69 1.983 0.992
70-74* 3.967 1.983
75-79* 7.933 3.967

For $5,000 Dependent Child Coverage, rate is $1.00 per month.
For $10,000 Dependent Child Coverage, rate is $2.00 per month.
*Coverage reduces to 50% at age 70, and to 25% at age 75. Coverage terminates at age 80.

For your convenience, you will be billed quarterly. Premium rates are based on your age and increase as you enter a new age bracket. Insurance provided by ReliaStar Insurance Company.

Policy Form LP08GP

The rates shown are guaranteed until January 1, 2016.  So apply for coverage today! 

Life insurance coverage is provided under the terms of a group life insurance policy, Group Policy 66702-1 issued and delivered in the state of New Jersey, and governed by its laws, to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as the policyholder. The group life insurance policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is a paid endorsement.  AOPA receives a fee from the insurance broker and/or the insurer for its endorsement of this plan.    Plan is administered by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC  In CA d/b/a Mercer Health & Benefits Insurance Services LLC  AR Ins. Lic. #100102691 •  CA Ins. Lic. #0G39709.   Our Role and Compensation