Emergency Assistance Plus

Your emergency and medical service safety net.

You’re on the road or in the air, hours from home. Suddenly, an accident leaves you in an emergency room—far from your own doctor, relying on medical care from people you’ve never met before. At AOPA Insurance Services, we analyzed medical emergencies like these. And we discovered an alarming fact: Even a simple problem that might be routine at home can quickly become a major emergency in a distant town or foreign country.

With a pilot's active lifestyle, it's critical to set up a solid back-up plan to help handle this type of crisis away from home. That's where Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) comes in.

*Emergency Assistance Plus is not an insurance policy.

24-hour emergency and medical assistance back-up plan with option to add aircraft return

EA+ helps pay for emergencies your health insurance will not generally cover, getting you the medical care you need, when you need it. If an emergency occurs, AOPA EA+ automatically steps in to help with more than 20 emergency and medical services—so you can focus on your recovery and not on costs.

You even have the option of including expanded coverage for return of your aircraft if traveling via GA.  Should your aircraft be stranded due to your medical emergency, a certified pilot will be sent to your aircraft and fly it back to the airport where it is stored.  This is included when you enroll in EA+ with Aircraft Return, all for just $50 more per year.

Some of the benefits EA+ offers include:

Medical Evacuation

  • Emergency medical evacuation by helicopter or ambulance to a more appropriate medical facility when the current facility can’t properly treat you
  • Medical specialist sent to you if your condition can’t be evaluated by phone or if you cannot be moved and local treatment is unavailable
  • Transportation home if medically necessary after hospitalization so you can recuperate in the privacy of your own home or in a health care facility near your home

Medical Assistance

  • Emergency medical monitoring by an EA+ medical expert to make sure you get the best care
  • Unlimited cash advance for medical payments paid directly to the hospital or physician against a valid credit card to keep your medical care going
  • Prescription replacement assistance if your medications are lost or stolen
  • Up to $200 for emergency local ambulance transportation
  • 24-hour doctor/ER/dentist/attorney locator service helps you quickly find the professional help you need—across the country or around the world.
  • Emergency medication, blood and vaccine transfers coordinated through EA+ if needed
  • Hotel room for recuperation if you need somewhere to stay before or after a hospital stay

Assistance For Companions

  • One round-trip economy class airline ticket to bring a loved one to your bedside if you’re traveling alone and must stay in a hospital for more than seven days
  • Airfare home for dependent children or grandchildren who are left unattended if you’re unable to care for them due to injury or illness during your trip
  • Toll-free emergency message relay keeps you, your family or a physician updated on your medical care.
  • Pet care and return home assistance if you’re traveling with a pet and cannot care for them due to an accident or illness
  • Ticket home for a traveling companion if you are evacuated or pass away while away from home and your companion can’t drive your vehicle

Travel Assistance

  • Return of your vehicle if you are unable to drive home due to illness or injury and your traveling companion cannot drive either, with an option to expand this coverage to return your aircraft if traveling via GA with the purchase of EA+ with Aircraft Return
  • No limit emergency cash transfer assistance (against a valid credit card) if you lose your cash, credit cards or traveler’s checks or discover they’ve been stolen
  • Lost luggage assistance—knowledgeable experts to help track down lost luggage, personal items or documents
  • Passport, driver’s license, birth certificate or other document replacement assistance if lost or stolen during your trip
  • Help cutting through red tape to get you straight answers on inoculations, visa and other travel requirements
  • Language interpretation service if you’re traveling in a foreign country and need multi-lingual help in an emergency.
  • Return of deceased remains services to bring your body home if you pass away while traveling

Personal Security Services

  • Real-time security intelligence to keep you advised of political or social unrest. This "extra-mile" service gives you the latest details on weather, health or environmental hazards for over 180 countries.
  • Security evacuation assistance to help get you out of a dangerous situation by arranging flights, ground transportation, housing and securing visas.

Click Here to learn about our premium MedFlight Freedom plan. Includes treatment at facility of choice if you are hospitalized while away from home.

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Benefit Level  
Member Only $89
Member Plus Family $109
Member Only w/ Aircraft Return $139
Member Plus Family w/ Aircraft Return $159

Annual rates shown. For your convenience, you will be billed only once a year. Future payments will be handled using the credit card given during this enrollment. You may cancel at any time.