Aviation coverage, no matter your level of flying.

How prepared are you for an accident? Whether you’re in the cockpit, traveling or working or at home, you're at risk of being in an accident. As a matter of fact, accidents are one of the leading causes of death in our nation, according to the National Safety Council.*

As an AOPA member, you can add up to $300,000 of AOPA Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance benefits. You pay the same rate no matter your age or level of flying experience. You can also add Dependent Family which includes your spouse** and unmarried child(ren) under age 25. The level of benefit payable is based on your selected coverage amount and your family situation at the time of the accident.

Eligibility for $5,000 No-Cost to You:  AOPA members who are not currently insured under an AD&D group policy are eligible for $5,000 of AD&D Insurance at no cost to the member for the first 12 months if they are under age 75 and residing in the United States at the time of application.

With AOPA AD&D Protection Plan, you're protected anywhere, 24/7. The benefits cover general aviation pilots at all levels of flying, even student pilots. You’re guaranteed coverage without a physical. And the rates don’t increase with age.

 The benefits will be paid as follows for a covered person:

Dependent Family Situation Benefits Payable
Spouse** and Children Spouse** covered at 50% of the Member’s amount of AD&D Insurance, Child (each) covered at 10% of the Member’s amount of AD&D Insurance
Spouse** Only Spouse** covered at 60% of the Member’s amount of AD&D Insurance
Children Only Child (each) covered at 15% of the Member’s amount of AD&D Insurance

*National Safety Council, Injury Facts 2014

** In Oregon, reference to spouse includes domestic partner.

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  • Pays up to a $300,000 benefits for aviation-related accidents 
  • Adds up to $50,000 for total and permanent disability
  • Provides up to an extra $50,000 for commercial airplane, train or bus accidents
  • Pays up to $40,000 extra for safe driving (seat belt and air bag use)
  • Includes up to $5,000 transportation benefit
  • Includes up to $5,000 for rehabilitation if prescribed by a doctor
  • Increases your spouse’s** coverage for a common accident death

Download detailed benefits summary for the AD&D Protection Plan.

Safeguards your family

  • Provides up to $5,000 career training for your covered spouse** if you die in a covered accident
  • Pays up to $5,000 a year toward your eligible children’s college education if you die in a covered accident
  • Includes up to $5,000 extra if an elderly relative depends on you
  • Adds up to $2,500 a year to cover child care
  • Pays in addition to any other insurance
  • Cash for your family to spend as needed—and get back on their feet

Guaranteed acceptance

The AOPA Accidental Death and Dismemberment Protection Plan is offered to you with no physical exam or health questions. You and your family are guaranteed coverage regardless of your health as long as you are an AOPA Member under the age of 75.

24-hour coverage with benefits up to $300,000 – You’re guaranteed $300,000 of benefits as an AOPA Member under age 70, and $50,000 of benefits as an AOPA Member between the ages of 70 and 75, with no physical exam or health questions.

Adds up to $50,000 disability benefits – If you become totally and permanently disabled within 180 days of an accident, you collect up to $50,000 (or 5% of your full benefit amount). You must submit proof of your disability and your disability continues to be total and permanent, as defined in the certificate.

Pays up to $50,000 EXTRA for common carrier accidents – If you or your insured dependent suffer a loss when traveling on a commercial airplane, bus, train or other common carrier, the plan pays an extra amount equal to 50% of your benefit (up to $50,000).

Pays up to $40,000 EXTRA for safe driving – The AOPA Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan pays up to an additional $40,000 (or 15% of your full benefit amount, whichever is less) if you or a dependent die in an auto accident with seatbelt and airbag usage. If only a seatbelt is used, the Plan pays an extra $25,000 (or 10% of the full benefit amount). The extra benefit is paid in addition to any other benefit.

Pays up to $5,000 EXTRA for transportation – If there is a fatal accident more than 75 miles from your home, an additional transportation benefit of up to $5,000 (2% of your benefit amount) will be paid.

Includes up to $5,000 for rehabilitation – If your doctor prescribes rehabilitation within two years of a covered accident and you’re not under worker’s comp, you collect up to 2% of your benefit amount or up to $5,000. Only one maximum benefit is available for all losses from the same covered accident.

Increases your spouse’s** benefits for common accident – If you and your spouse** die within one year of each from a common accident, your spouse’s** benefits will be paid to equal your benefit amount, not to exceed an additional $50,000.

Benefits for Specific Loss Coverage

Life; two hands or feet; sight of both eyes; one hand and one foot; one hand or foot and sight of one eye; speech and hearing; quadriplegia    100% of Principle Sum Paraplegia: 75% of Principle Sum

One hand, one foot or sight of one eye; speech or hearing; hemiplegic 50% of Principle Sum

Loss of thumb and index finger on one hand; paralysis of one limb: 25% of Principle Sum

If you suffer multiple losses due to the same accident, only one benefit amount, whichever is greater, is payable. Loss is defined as the complete severance of the hand or foot at or above the wrist or ankle joint, total and irrecoverable loss of entire sight, speech or hearing, and severance of two or more entire digits of both the thumb and index finger. To receive benefits, loss must be independent of sickness and other causes.

Burn Benefit – If you suffer disfigurement due to burns covering at least 5% of your body, benefits are paid of 10% of your benefit amount (up to $30,000).

Coma Benefit – If, due to a covered accident, you are in a coma, you will collect a coma benefit until you are no longer in a coma or the maximum benefits have been paid. You collect 2% of your benefit amount per month up to 12 months or a maximum of $24,000.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Exclusions
ReliaStar Life does not pay benefits for loss directly or indirectly caused by any of the following:
  • An accident occurring before the Effective Date of the Group Policy.
  • Suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane.
  • Physical or mental illness.
  • Bacterial infection or bacterial poisoning. Exception: Infection from a cut or wound caused by an accident.
  • Any armed conflict, whether declared as war or not, involving any country or government.
  • An accident which occurs while in the military service for any country or government.
  • An accident which occurs when you commit or attempt to commit a felony.
  • Your intoxication. Intoxication means your blood alcohol content meets or exceeds the legal presumption of intoxication under the laws of the state where the accident occurred.
  • An accident which occurs while you are a pilot or crew member on an aircraft operating outside of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America or the Islands of the Caribbean. Exceptions:
    • Flying enroute between the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America or the Islands of the Caribbean.
    • Acting as a pilot or crew member on a regularly scheduled commercial flight owned and maintained by a commercial airline.
  • Travel or flight in or on, or descent from or with:
    • a military aircraft (except a military aircraft with a civil air-worthiness certificate in the normal or utility category in civil use pursuant to the category rating at the time of the accident), an amateur built rotorcraft, an amateur built fixed wing aircraft which is subject to area restrictions imposed by a governmental authority, rocket-powered aircraft, an ultralight, a hang glider, a kite, or a parachute (except a forced jump) or an aircraft not certificated by a governmental authority; or an aircraft not meeting governmental airworthiness requirements; or
    • an aircraft being used for or in connection with seeding, dusting, spraying, carrying sling loads, fire fighting, flight in or rehearsal/practice for an airshow involving aerobatic or formation flight, or hunting, herding or spotting of animals, birds, or fish, or is being test-flown for the purpose of certification or determination of airworthiness; or
    • an aircraft engaged in closed course racing or in practicing or qualifying for the same; or
    • operating an aircraft while not in compliance with medical requirements established by governmental authority.


High-value benefits at rates pilots can afford

As a pilot you have specialized needs. That’s why AOPA AD&D Protection Plan provides you with a broad range of accident protection—aviation-related and more. Plus, as an AOPA Member, you gain access to affordable group rates, which are typically lower than other pilots can get.

Monthly Premiums

$25,000 $4.48 $7.29
$50,000 $8.96 $14.58
$150,000 $35.63 $52.50
$300,000 $82.29 $116.04

Other coverage amounts are available. If you do not see the level of coverage that you are interested in, please call 800/USA-AOPA

The rates shown are guaranteed until January 1, 2015. 

AD&D insurance coverage is provided under the terms of a group health insurance policy, Group Policy 67485-1 issued and delivered in the state of New Jersey to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as the policyholder.  The group health insurance policy is issued by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The policy is administered on behalf of ReliaStar Life Insurance Company by AOPA Services Corporation and AGIA Insurance Services.  AGIA Insurance Services is an insurance administrator licensed in the state of New Jersey.  Policy Form HP010GP.  This is a paid endorsement.  AOPA receives a fee from the insurance broker and/or the insurer for its endorsement of this plan.

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Voluntary Coverage

No Cost To You Coverage