Owner's Insurance

For 20 years, AOPA Insurance Services has insured more GA aircraft—including Light Sport, Turbine and Experimental planes—than anyone else in the world. We have access to all major carriers with “A” ratings and will provide you with coverage options to fit your needs.

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Renter's Insurance

Protect yourself financially, add AOPA Renter’s Insurance to your flight plan.  Even a minor incident in a rented or borrowed plane can cost you plenty — and surprise — your FBO’s insurance probably won’t cover you, leaving you financially liable for repair costs and legal fees.

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Flying Club Insurance

Whether your club has three members or an unlimited number, is a pure member-owned club or a hybrid, flies a 172 or one of the new Light-Sport designs, we have a policy to fit your needs. We make it easy to manage your club’s insurance program no matter how many aircraft or members are involved.

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Aviation Business Insurance

Provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of aviation businesses—We can handle any type of aviation business including aircraft sales, airports, aviation product manufacturers, charter operators, fixed based operators, flights schools, and maintenance facilities.

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Life Insurance

Choose coverage up to $1,000,000 for your family with AOPA’s affordable Group Annual Term Life Insurance Plan. And because it’s designed specifically for active pilots and their families, it’s one of the few policies with absolutely no aviation exclusions limiting your coverage.  Options available for level term life, senior life and individual term life.

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As an AOPA member, you can add up to $300,000 of AOPA Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance benefits. You pay the same rate no matter your age or level of flying experience.  24/7 Coverage, including aviation, up to $300,000 plus high-value benefits at rates pilots can afford.

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Corporate Aircraft Insurance

Whether your company flies a single Cessna or maintains a full fleet, we understand the unique insurance needs of corporate aircraft owners. We have firsthand experience with the risks and rewards of aircraft ownership, and know how to protect the flight department that supports your business.

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Lake Amphibian Insurance

AOPA Insurance Services is proud to be the administrator of the Lake Aircraft Insurance Program, developed in 1992 to help ensure the availability and affordability of insurance for amphibious aircraft.

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Emergency Assistance Plus

Imagine being injured in an accident far from home. That’s when AOPA’s Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) and MedFlight Freedom can step in with more than 20 emergency & medical services and help pay for things your health insurance or travel insurance typically won’t cover. With a pilot's active lifestyle, you can’t afford not to have a solid back-up plan.

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Loss of Medical Certificate Insurance

AOPA Loss of Medical Certificate Disability Insurance offers financial protection to pilots whose livelihood depends on a valid medical certificate. It covers your loss of income due to injury or illness, whether it occurs on or off the job. Disability is defined by the loss or possible suspension of your medical certificate.

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